About Me

“He who obtains has little. He who scatters has much.”

Lao Tzu

Hello to all and welcome. I go by latent vs potential. This blog is my attempt to explore my thoughts, share my ideas and find a path forward that will lead to some satisfaction and greater appreciation of this life here on Earth. The hope is to connect with others, not just to give my views and opinions, but to also receive knowledge from others with similar and different perspectives. I am very aware of my limited understanding of the vastness of the human experience in this world and all of it’s complexities, so I am taking a step to become a better contributor and steward of the gift of life that was bestowed upon me. Please understand that the goal of this blog is to create positivity and negativity for the sake of negativity and unnecessary meanness will not be tolerated.

So a little about me personally. For a long time I have felt disconnected. Not so much from people, but mainly from purpose. With people my issue is that I would like to have a deeper connection beyond just the surface things like sports and politics, but with purpose I feel totally clueless. In life we hear sayings like “if you find something that you would do for free that is where your passion lies”, but what if you don’t know what you love doing that much that you would do it for free? So I decided to listen to voices from my past who used to joke and say to me all the time “write it down”, while I was growing up working in my family’s soul food take-out restaurant. They were talking about the orders I would mess up or things I would forget, but for some reason the message stuck with me all these many years later.

I do not claim to have any expertise, degrees or PhDs in any subject I plan to write about, but I am seeker of truth who has found a renewed interest in learning to go along with that little voice inside saying I was meant to do more. I’ve had many influences from different streams of knowledge, thought and religions. From wise sages, prophets and philosophers throughout time, to friends, family and current religious leaders that have equally invoked critical thought in my path of discovery. So off we go, and I pray the Most High, Creator protects and guides all who embark on this journey with me.